Peruvian Fried Fish

In my desperation to stretch out sea bass over seven days, particularly to our Friday night spicy meal, I turned to our South American friends and a dish called Tacu Tacu ...

... or so, I thought.

Tacu Tacu is some kind of Peruvian dish, that's for sure, but when I googled (love google) the matter, I found fried fish with spicy lentils and some rice. I later found that Tacu Tacu is something quite different, so the title remains as it does, not Tacu Tacu.

Anyway ...

It's Friday! We survived! We won! We got through another week, we worked it, we did our thing and we did it well; but now, it's the start of a beautiful weekend, cold, bright, sunny and full of all the things we hope will bring us joy, recovery, recouperation and drum up the strength to get out there and do it again for another week.

But no, Friday is about kicking back and saying, "Fuck, yeah! I did okay this week." ...

We need fun, flavour, spice and some booze, so ... let's get on with it, eh?

First, lentils ... second, rice ... neither are paleo, so if you're one of those paleos who cannot abide the notion of folks eating outside of the box just look away and carry on ... LOOK! A MAMMOTH! GO! No, serious! GO! There's a mammoth! Go get it!

Phew! We've ditched our purist friends who can go about keeping the straight and narrow, erm, straight and narrow ... let's have some fun! It's Friday ... Fry ... Day.

First, lentils ...

Lentils are part of the Fabaceae or Leguminosae family: legumes, and as such have no place in the paleo diet, yet are tentatively acceptable as part of what I would call a paleo+ diet.

Legumes as a family represent a wide spectrum. When considering food sources, one does need to look at the whole, the big picture - red kidney beans represent the most toxic end of the spectrum, while lentils represent the least toxic. Beyond paleo, Archevore author Kurt Harris makes no mention of legumes, in fact, considers them a useful food source although not ideal.

Legumes MUST be prepared by soaking and then pressure cooking. Canned legumes will have already been soaked and then pressure cooked, or super-heated with steam.

Second, rice ...

Rice, especially white rice, is a simple starch. Eat it, eat it every now and again and don't worry.

Arsenic? Yeah, maybe ...

Okay, so we're ready to roll, right?

First, cook them lentils - lentils, can of, green, onions, garlic, tomato puree, chillies, more chillies, something else hot, more chillies, Worcestershire Sauce and more chillies - we want this hot!

Rice, boil it, drain it, stir in some parsley.

Ready to eat?

You've gutted, cleaned, scaled and filleted your fish, so drop the fillets in a skillet with some butter.

Plate up - lentils on one side, rice on't t'other, fish in the middle.


Drink? Tequila! Tequila ... lots of and enjoy it.

Tequila! It makes me happy ...

Yeah, there's an egg on there ... fry an egg! What? You want a support group?

Of course, this, like always is inspiration ... do your fish the way you want to, spicy, coz it's Friday, accompanied with whatever you like.

Just have some fun. Life is hard enough without complicating it with strict diets.