Fantasy Sea Bass (The Hunger Games)

Day six of seven days of fun with sea bass ...

Tonight is day six and ... a fantasy meal, since we've done a bunk! We've run away to Manchester to watch the Ballet!

'Sleeping Beauty' ... the English National Ballet ... and ... Manchester United are playing, which means we have absolutely no hope of finding anywhere at all inside the Manchester postcode area to eat, drink or relax before the ballet.

Thankfully, it's winter and we Brits have a love of continental markets.

We found one ... we ate potatoes, garlic mushrooms and some form of spicy chicken in a plastic box with a wooden spoon.

Score! That is a fucking score for us hunter/gatherers. I was banned from slaying the sad sods in the queue before us, banned from raising my voice and deploying my sharpened wit in the hope that the queue before us would melt away shaking their heads ... we had to sit it out.

We queued, we saw, we conquered!

We got some chow ...

So, day 6 ...

I was ... WAS ... going to make a hot and sour soup from sea bass, chilli, ginger, garlic, sea veg, asparagus, that kind of thing, but ... we wound up on the streets of Manchester, unable to eat at Gaucho, not pissed enough to eat at Bex Brasil and too clad in (irony) combats to drink at Revolucion Cuba!

I wish I'd stayed at home (to eat) ...

Except, the Ballet was absolutely excellent and every bit worth the trip to an overpopulated city the wrong side of the good hills (the Pennines) full of pissed revellers high on winter, Christmas and the football match, messing up my potential appreciation of good food, a fine city and almost ruining my love of a fine art played out by the English National Ballet.

Bravo! It was bloody good!

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy meal ... I hunted! I gathered! I enjoyed my evening ... and then followed the signs back to civilisation (east of the Pennines) which were wrong ...

We got home.

I drank some JD (you Yanks do one thing right!), watched the remake of 'The Omen' (you Yanks did this quite wrong) and had a good night's sleep.

Cheers, all ... maybe I'll make this evening's planned meal some day.