100% Beef Burgers

"100% nothing else added burgers"?

Barely even touched, either! Here's how ...

Get some minced beef (that's ground beef for non-Brits, for whom ground beef is something else ... a much finer mince ... in fact, given that folks in the States call prawns "shrimp", what do you call shrimp? In the UK, we call shrimp "shrimp" and prawns "prawns") ... I digress ... get some minced beef.

Minced beef comes out in long strings. Do as little as you can to upset these. In previous recipes, I have advocated quite a rough handling, practically blending the meat fibres almost to a slurry by squeezing the meat through your fists a few times, but not this time!

Season the lot - sea salt and black pepper (so, 99.9999999% now).

Take a reasonable amount of meat (maybe 6oz?) and gently roll it together into a ball. Press down so that it becomes something just under an inch in thickness and about 5" in diameter.

Fire up your grill, griddle pan, BBQ, whatever you're going to cook them on, get it really hot and then drop the burgers on.

Place a dot of butter on the top of each burger (so, now 99.999%). The butter will melt through into burger making it extra moist!

After a few minutes, flip over, enjoying the whole lot setting on fire as the excess juices flow out. Do not be tempted to press the burgers - we want all that goodness in there.

Serve out between portabello mushrooms for the bun and a good salad ...