Beef Gulyás

I got some really cheap beef from the supermarket - good Scotch beef, mixed cuts, several dog ends ... all the good stuff that just like long and slow cooking.

I also got some lamb kidneys, which are not traditionally included in the Hungarian Gulyás, but I can't believe peasant Hungarians would not include some offals, so in they went ...

Hungarians? Yeah ... Gulyás, or Goulash, is a Hungarian meat stew seasoned with paprika.

Bográcsgulyás is a thick stew made by cattle herders and stockmen, the Bográc being the large metal cooking cauldron that the Gulyás is cooked in. Favouring fattier cuts of meat where the collagen turns into gelatin while cooking, goulash is not thickened with any kind of roux.

Fire up your Bográc!

I began by browning off the beef in some lamb fat (lamb fat? yes, from a shoulder I skimmed off almost a whole ramekin from a while ago), then tossing in the kidneys.

Next, sprinkle loads of good Hungarian smoked paprika over, some cayenne (just a little), black pepper, some smoked garlic, minced and stir around.

Wet is up with a little beef stock to stop it sticking.

Next, a couple of large tomatoes, diced. I also added a little bit of tomato puree and some Worcestershire sauce ... or coconut aminos if you've got a bottle in. Fresh, chopped parsley, too.

Drop in some onion - mine were some of those small onions

Shred a red pepper. I used Romano pepper.

Fold together and transfer to an ovenproof dish, topping up with beef stock, a couple of bay leaves and a good piece of lemon rind.

Into the oven at 125C for ... well ... as long as it takes.

I put it in about 15:00 and we'll probably eat around 19:30. For the last couple of hours, take the lid off to let it reduce, thicken and go all gorgeous. Optionally, in the last hour, drop in some quartered potatoes - Maris Piper is perfect.

Just before serving, stir in some soured cream and some fresh parsley.

Serve with? I've got a nice Savoy cabbage which will get shredded and boiled. Mine will have some sauerkraut folded through it; my Mrs does not like sauerkraut.