Pickled Herring Salad

Pickled herring is a Scandinavian delicacy and enjoyed further afield throughout Europe and Russia.

I absolutely adore pickled herrings, a taste I picked up travelling in Sweden. Back in Blighty, a good resource is IKEA.

Let's dress up some fish ...

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and egg are perfect accompaniments and you can serve your herring simply with an arranged salad.

You could stack them up and garnish with a prawn, or two, and a short slice of red onion. Make each stack unique with a different flavour - celery salt over one, paprika over another and tumeric over another.

You could make up sauces with those flavours from mayonnaise or soured cream to pour over.

Likewise, a vinaigrette of Scandinavian lingonberry and apple vinegar with some colourful gourmet cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil with chopped parsley and dill spooned over gives a nice sharp tang.

Either way, serve with Scandinavian or Russian Vodka, or Brennivín.