Sea Bass with Sauce Vierge

The first of seven days of fun with sea bass ... no, really!

Tonight, we had sea bass fillets with roasted sweet potato, orange, mange tout, courgette and a sauce vierge.

First, prepare the fish - clean, gut, scale and fillet the fish, slash the skin through and set aside.

Next, take a sweet potato, peeled and chopped into segments, push them into the oven for about half an hour at 200C (400F) with a little dripping.

Chop up some courgette and settle into a steamer with some mange tout.

Segment an orange.

When the sweet potato is about ready, steam the green veggies and pan fry the fish in a skillet with a little butter, skin first until crispy, then flip over and turn the heat off, allowing the residual heat in the skillet to cook through.

Finally, the sauce vierge: a French sauce of oil, lemon juice, tomato, caper and anchovy.

Soften a couple of anchovy fillets in some olive oil, adding in the chopped tomatoes, capers, onion, garlic, chopped basil and finally some lemon juice.

Plate up with the vegetables and orange scattered around, the fish fillet placed over and the sauce over the top.