King Oyster Mushroom with Scallops and a Creamy Leek Mash

I had the great fortune of finding a glut of exotic mushrooms at a really nice supermarket while out today.

One was a particularly pleasing king oyster mushroom, which I had to do something special with ...

Scallops, anyone?

Scallops seem to go so well with mushrooms. That's a given, but, how to get the best from this mushroom?

I decided to take a few slices out of the middle of the mushroom and simply flavour them, colour them up, warm them through in a little butter.

More butter added to the skillet and the scallops were coloured up, brown butter poured over when plated.

Alongside, I made a quick potato mash and mixed it with shredded baby leek, piped out.

In all, gorgeous ... and I have a little mushroom left over for a small starter of risotto.