Almond Crusted Sea Bass

Day four of seven ... fun with sea bass.

Tonight, almond crusted over parsnip purée and kale, both absolutely and perfectly seasonal.

First, peel, cube and boil the parsnip.

Next, clean, scale, gut and fillet your fish. Set the fillets on a greased ovenproof tray with a little butter on top and pat on flaked almonds.

Put into the oven for 15 minutes at 200C (400F). The butter will melt and the almonds colour up while the fish cooks through.

Meanwhile, steam some kale and keep it warm. Puree the parsnip with a hand blender.

Finally, using a concentrated fish stock, pour in a little cream and a pinch of saffron. Reduce slightly to concentrate the flavours and thicken up.

Ready to eat?

Serve out onto a plate with a good helping of the parsnip purée, some kale, the fish on top and the sauce around the outside.

Gorgeous! I licked the plate clean and then set to work on cleaning my Mrs' plate. Saves on the washing up, eh?