Smoked Haddock with Mushroom Sauce over Cauliflower Steaks

Smoked haddock just seems to work so well with mushrooms in a cream sauce. What better than to partner it with a simple vegetable and enjoy the singular flavours?

To the kitchen ...

First, let's get the sauce going, for which we need some mushrooms, sliced and softened in butter. Pour on some fish stock and simmer gently to reduce slightly, concentrating the flavours. Pour on some cream and reduce gently until thickened.

Next, the cauliflower, which is simply sliced through into steaks about an inch thick and pan fried in butter, lowering the heat to cook through. I got this idea from a vegetarian website of all places and they're really onto something here ... just needs some natural protein on top!

Finally, the fish. Take a good portion of smoked haddock each and steam it over some boiling water for a few minutes while the other side of the cauli steaks cook through.

Serve out, cauliflower steaks as the base, fish on top and spoon the sauce over, garnishing with chopped dill.