Sea Bass over Celeriac Purée

Day two of seven ... fun with sea bass.

Tonight, served simply with some celeriac purée and a garlic mushroom jus.

First, get some celeriac peeled, cubed and boiling.

Celeriac is absolutely seasonal at the moment and a great resource of Vitamins C & K.

Next, clean, scale, gut and fillet your fish, slashing each fillet on the skin side so that it doesn't curl up when fried in a skillet.

Prepare the garlic and mushroom jus by immersing some mushrooms in fish stock and gently warming while the celeriac is boiling. Just before serving, drop in some crushed garlic and some herbs, adjusting the saltiness to taste.

So, with the celeriac now softened, blend it with a hand blender and some heavy cream. If cream is not a part of your paleo template, just keep blending and try to blend some air into it - this will lend a creamy texture.

While you're doing this, just place the sea bass fillets into a skillet with some butter. Fry on the skin side until crispy and then flip the fillets over, turning the heat off to cook through.

Serve out with a good helping of celeriac mash, lay the fillet over and spoon the jus around the plate, dropping the mushrooms over the fish.