Shellfish Stir Fry over Courgette Rösti

Simple shellfish stir fry, but first, let's look at the rösti ...

Rösti is a Swiss potato dish and in its purest for is quite simply grated potato fried in a pan of butter and committed to the oven to cook through.

Rösti can be more broadly defined as a potato dish with the addition of cheese, bacon and onion, and in our case, even more broadly, made from courgette and carrot.

For two, grate about half a courgette and half a carrot. Double in volume with grated cheddar - I went for mature for a really strong flavour. Crack in a couple of eggs for binding, salt and pepper for flavour. Mix well.

Take a couple of skillets and warm up some fat. Drop half of the mixture into each skillet, pat down and lower the heat so that the underside cooks through and does not burn. After a few minutes, flip over and cook the other side through.

Meanwhile, the stir fry ...

Shred up whatever you want to include - I went with lots of spring onion and some stringless beans. Relax! They're practically all pod.

Begin with some shredded bacon, then toss in the vegetables.

Add in a little ginger, chilli and garlic for spiky flavours and some rice wine vinegar just to keep things from sticking.

Finally, toss in a good bunch of shellfish - I had some really good prawns and some cockles.

Stir together, cook through and serve up.

Place the rösti on a plate, spooning the stir fry over and accompany with some chilli dipping sauce.