Smoked Salmon Fruit Salad

There's something distinctly fishy about this fruit salad!

Smoked salmon makes an unlikely plate friend with fruit, but please do give it a try - you will be very surprised. Sour and astringent fruit are best, although a small portion of sweeter fruit adds a dimension to the dish.

The effect is much like ceviche, but I would not advise doing this with raw salmon - smoked salmon has a sweet flavour which works perfectly with these sour fruits.

Let's put this together ...

Begin by segmenting a grapefruit - pink or red grapefruit is good for the vibrant colour, although straight up yellow graperfruit is fine. Retrieve the juice into a pouring vessel.

Peel and slice a kiwi fruit.

Thinly slice a few red grapes, again, red for the colour although green would be fine.

Put the dish together by laying out a base of kiwi fruit slices and then interlacing slices of smoked salmon with grapefruit.

Scatter a few grape slices over the top and a few small basil leaves.

Serve with the pouring juice on the side and maybe a blob of creme fraiche or soured cream.