Baked Chilli Tortilla

Requiring both tortillas and a bechamel sauce, this dish relies heavily upon sorghum flour.

Sorghum flour is produced by grinding the seeds of amaranth grass from the flowers.

Seed - that's the important word. As a food source, it is used extensively on the Indian sub-continent, and as a potential paleo food source, it is gluten-free and has a lower phytate content and a lower lectin content than traditional grains.

First, let's get the Chilli con Carne going: Chilli Con Carne or Texas Chilli

Second, make up some tortilla following my recipe here: Sorghum Tortilla

Third, make up a bechamel sauce.

Bechamel is the simple combination of butter, flour and milk and heightened with a touch of nutmeg.

Melt some butter in a pan - a centimetre slice off the end of a block of butter will do just fine.

Sprinkle some flour into the butter and whisk. Still sloppy? Add more flour. Once the flour balls up and looks as if you should discard it and try again, pour in a little milk and whisk ... a little more milk, still whisking and a little more, until the sauce has come around to a thick sloppy sauce. About half to two thirds of a pint of milk is required. Spice with a little nutmeg.

Wrap the Chilli Con Carne in the sorghum tortilla and place into an ovenproof dish.

Pour over the bechamel sauce.

Sprinkle grated cheese over and commit to a pre-heated over set to 180C for about 20 minutes to cook through, soften the tortilla and melt the cheese.

Serve out and enjoy this thick, comforting meal.