Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The start of another year full of hope and promise, another year to live in health and happiness.

I think you're all ready to fly and so, I won't be updating this site any more.

You'll find more than enough inspiration here to go your own way in ancestral eating and primal health, but here's what I've come to:
  1. Eat real and whole food; all of it!
  2. Engage in meaningful and social activity
  3. Rest naturally and take time to just potter
  4. Avoid dogma, charlatans and those who monetise health
  5. Hone your own instincts and learn to trust them

Content republishers please take note.

I do not want to see my posts here in Top 10 this, that or the other articles on your websites. I am not interested in monetising health, I am not interested your "link love", I am not interested in my SEO ranking and I am not interested in traffic. Go jump on the next bandwagon, eh? Folks can find this site for themselves.

I find the monetisation of health quite abhorrent.

Non-profit bloggers, feel free.

I am not interested in social media. You won't find me tweeting, nor will you find me on any of the usual social media enterprises - I think it's all completely pointless and an utter waste of time, effort and resources, sapping energy and in the end counter-productive to real health.


In a word: So long, and thanks for all the fish ...