Lime Infused Trout with Rice, Beetroot, Asparagus and Orange

More leftovers ...

First, let's get the contentious one out of the way: is rice primal? If white rice is not for you, please do carry on with cauliflower rice.

The rice was kept aside from my Pilchard Kedgeree, packed into a ramekin and refrigerated.

Making from fresh, boil, then simmer some rice with a few other ingredients: carrot cubes, maybe peas, green beans, chilli, turmeric, coriander, bouillon, that kind of thing. You want a nice savoury rice.

If you're doing it with cauliflower, steam and crush your cauli, then fold it into the other ingredients in some fat in a skillet.

Lay (place?) a couple of plaice fillets on a greased tray and squeeze a load of lime all over, along with a little sea salt.

Pop under the grill (or broiler, depending upon your language ... an overhead heat source, anyway) for just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, boil some asparagus tips and set aside.

Plate up with the ramekin of rice at one side, the fillets taking pride of place and then dot over a few extras: the asparagus tips, some pickled beetroot and some orange segments.

Why? Well, they all seem to work together, oddly. Two kinds of sweet with the orange and the pickled beetroot, and two kinds of early with the pickled beetroot and the asparagus. Couple that with the sour lime in the soft fish, that bounces off everything else on the plate.

The flesh should just pull away from the skin perfectly. Feel free to eat the skin as well.

What a mélange ...