Scallop Mulligatawny

You know what? The great thing about surplus and leftovers is that they often inspire you to make considerable leaps of creativity and come up with a novel twist on a classic dish.

From the Tamil milagu thanni, or "pepper water", Mulligatawny was popularised in the West by Heinz as a soup.

The Heinz soup is dark brown, rich, peppery with small chunks of beef and bulked with rice. Other versions are more yellow, laced with turmeric.

With leftover gravy from my weekend Lamb Stew and a glut of scallops, I set about putting the two together ...

The peppery gravy was easy - just take the leftover gravy, let it out a little with water to break it from gravy into a soup and spice it up: black pepper, chilli, ground coriander and turmeric.

The Heinz soup is bulked with rice. I went with some steamed cauliflower, gently crushed and added to the soup.

Finally, slice a few scallops up and sauté in butter. Mine were huge, so slicing up was necessary, but if yours are smaller, just saute them off whole.

Serve out: soup in a bowl and the scallops in the middle, garnished with herbs.