Blueberry Cheesecake

I've got simple tastes for dessert - Ice Cream, Panna Cotta and Cheesecake.

Anticipation ...


1/3 natural probiotic yoghurt
2/3 cream cheese - pure, not Philadelphia please

Whisk together with a touch of honey if you want the sweetness (I don't, so didn't) and don't use lemon - it unbalances the next ingredient and for sourness, we've got the yoghurt.

Scrape half a vanilla pod (if making for two) or a whole pod (if making for four).

Spoon out into Chef's rings.

Take half of your blueberries (the bigger ones in the bunch) and warm them through in a skillet until they soften. Crush 'em ... crush 'em well and re-introduce them to the rest of the berries. This is a sort of rough compote.

Spoon the berries over the top and settle in the fridge to set. Give it overnight ... because ...

As it sets, the whey will fall out of the mix. Drink it! It's good.

When you come to serve up, the ring will just slide off cheesecake.

Served ...

Good, eh?

Base? We don't need no stinking base! This is about the cheese!

If you must, some crushed hazels would be okay, but they'll be soggy with this method. Replace the natural yoghurt with Greek yoghurt and there should be no whey fallout. When removing the ring, you'll need to warm it. So, just give it a warming hug with your hands and it will slip off easily.

Other substitutions? Mascarpone in place of the cream cheese, soured cream in place of the yoghurt, crème fraîche, perhaps, you get the idea ...