Spiced Plaice Taco

Spicy fish tacos ... too gorgeous!

It's Friday! In my house, Friday is spicy food night and to celebrate the end of a work week, a light overindulgence in sensible indulgences always goes down a treat ...

Back to the food - we're having plaice. When you think spicy, you don't automatically grab a plaice, but actually, you should - it is a flavoursome fish with a good flesh structure that can hold its own, even with some spice.

First, we need to make our salad - a simple cucumber and red onion salad, marinaded with red wine vinegar.

Do you need a method for that? It's thinly slice the cucumber and red onion, slosh some red wine vinegar over and leave it for about an hour, turning through every so often. Drain off the vinegar and mix in some chopped herbs: dill and oregano.

The fish needs nothing more than a few minutes under the grill/broiler.

Place the fish on a plate, squeeze over some lime and slosh some of your favourite chilli sauce over. Sorry to disappoint and not come up with a totally primal chilli sauce (which isn't a great trial, but anyway) ... Buffalo Sauce Tabasco!

Pile up some of the salad at the end of the fish and garnish with some shredded sun-dried tomatoes, steeped in chilli infused oil.

Time required for the marinated salad aside, this is a five minute meal.

Serve with some guac, greek yoghurt, whatever other little accoutrements you like and enjoy.

The taco? Easy! Gem lettuce.