Sea Bass over Broccoli Steak

Day three of seven ... fun with sea bass.

Tonight, pan fried sea bass over a steak of broccoli and an Italian salad - just a bunch of things hanging around in the fridge, really.

First, take a head of broccoli and cut it in half. Make a second cut straight through the half head just to the outside of the stalk leaving you with a steak just short of an inch thick.

Broccoli is an excellent source of Vitamins C, A & K.

Par-boil the broccoli and then fry off in a skillet with a little butter.

Next, clean, scale, gut and fillet your fish, slashing each fillet on the skin side so that it doesn't curl up when fried in a skillet.

The Italian salad is made up of some pepperoni I had in the fridge, courgette, black olives, capers, pickled garlic, basil and black pepper. Pepperoni is not even slightly paleo, primal and not really very good for you, but it tastes good and we had some left over from a junk food Breakfast Paezza last weekend.

Simply fry the lot together in a skillet.

Finally, fry off the fish. Fry on the skin side until crispy and then flip the fillets over, turning the heat off to cook through.

Serve out, broccoli steak in the middle, good squeeze of lemon juice, salad around the outside and fish over the top. Done.