Breakfast Paezza!

On the back of junk food for breakfast that we enjoyed last weekend, here's a pizza, of sorts, this week ...

Not strictly a pizza, this is actually a thin frittata dressed as a pizza.

With these kind of meals, it is best to prepare all the ingredients beforehand.

We'll need some grated cheese, shredded bacon and onions, sliced mushroom, slices of tomato and some pepperoni.

First, grate the cheese - a mix of coloured medium and white mature cheddar is always good.

Next, shred some bacon and onions, which should be fried off in a skillet, after which a few thinly sliced mushrooms can be softened, coloured up and cooked through. Set both aside.

Take six eggs - this will make a good base in a 10" skillet. Beat them and pour into the skillet (something like 10" base is good). Here's the technique - keep lifting the cooked egg up and mess it up, mess it around. We're not making scrambled egg, but more like an omelette.

Before the egg has fully cooked through, drop in some of the cheese along with the shredded bacon and onion - this will for a kind of base. Cook on until the cheese begins to melt and the eggs are cooked through.

Remove from the heat - the residual heat in the skillet will harden the base, but we don't want it overdone.

Spread the mushrooms over, then distribute the tomato slices and pepperoni slices around. Yes, pepperoni ain't paleo, but then neither is cultivated vegetables nor domesticated meat ... which, in a roundabout way, I'm saying it doesn't really matter if it's a one off ... call it a cheat or call it just living, you choose.

More cheese over't top, some black pepper and settle it under the grill/broiler to cook the pepperoni through and melt the cheese.

Your paezza is ready! Enjoy! I did ... burp!