Smoked Haddock over Sweet Potato & Kale Mash

Smoked Haddock is just gorgeous! Deep, sumptuous and soft. What better than to partner it with some paleo comfort food? Sweet potato mash.

Quick and easy ...

Peel and cube a sweet potato, and get it boiling.

Shred up some kale and place it in a steamer over the boiling sweet potatoes.

When the sweet potatoes are about done, place the fish in another steamer lined with tin foil over the pan. The fish will take only a few minutes to cook through.

Drain the sweet potatoes, add in a few knobs of butter, some grated cheese and then the kale on top. The heat will melt the butter and cheese, so when crushing gently and stirring together, a sticky green and orange mash should emerge.

Pour in the juices from the fish.

Spoon out a portion of the mash onto a plate, laying the fish over and garnish with some herbs - chives in my case.

The mash could be pepped up with some shredded leek - one for next time.