Pan Fried Sea Bass over Cabbage with Cauliflower Puree

Dead quick, really flavoursome and seriously fulfilling.

Shred some cabbage and get it steaming.

Take some cauliflower florets and get them steaming.

Shred some bacon and warm it through in a skillet.

In a large skillet, pan fry some sea bass fillets on the skin side, then switch the heat off and flip the fillets over to cook through.

Tip: To prevent the fish from curling up in the pan, on the skin side, slash the skin through a few times.

Just before you serve, purée the cauliflower with a little cream and sea salt.

Serve out the cabbage first, scattering some mixed seeds over, fish on top, bacon over, lemon wedge, chive garnish. Finally, get all cheffy and put little blobs of the purée around the plate ... or just a good glob of it under the fillets.