Griddled Chicken over Ratatouille

Provençal. Ratatouille is an old French dish of stewed vegetables which may have formed its name around touiller, French "to stir up".

The list of ingredients should be simple and classic: tomato, courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), peppers (capsicum), onion, garlic, marjoram, thyme and bay.

Let's stir it up ...

In a large heavy bottomed pan get some chopped onion softening in some fat - dripping or butter is perfect, coconut oil will do fine.

Meanwhile, cube up some aubergine and courgette and toss these into the fat - they will soak up the fat, leaving quite a dry dish so be ready with the tomatoes.

Chop a few tomatoes into eighths and just at the point that the pan goes dry, toss them in and combine. The liquid released from the tomatoes will stew the rest of the ingredients. Drop the heat at this point - you want the dish to stew away without boiling off the liquid.

Chop a red and a green pepper into similar sized pieces and combine into the dish.

Toss in some minced garlic, the marjoram, thyme and bay leaf.

Stew away until the vegetables are soft and the liquid is reduced. Grind some freshly milled black pepper over and a little sea salt if necessary. Unlikely.

When ready to eat, griddle some meat - I went with chicken.

Ratatouille can be used as a filling for savoury crêpes or to fill an omelette. For crêpes, you could follow this method or make a thin omelette. For this, cut the vegetables smaller.