Roasted Sea Bass

Seriously flavoursome fish, packed with protein, high in magnesium, phospohorus and vitamin B6, and very high in selenium.

Best keep it very simple ...

Take your fish, gut it, scale it, slash it a few times gently down the sides, rub in sea salt, push in some herbs, like rosemary or dill, something perfumed and heady, stuff the gut cavity with lemon and roast in the oven at 200C (that's about 400F) for around half an hour.

Fancy something more primal? Wrap in foil and bake on the grill or over coals on an open fire.

The timing is not critical - the fish will be cooked through after about 20 minutes, so don't worry about undercooking it, but that little bit longer will have the lemons fully warmed and releasing all their flavour into the flesh.

Meanwhile, cook some veggies - I went for some simple steamed cabbage.

Steam and set out on a plate.

Ready? Gently lift the fish out onto a chopping board and then using a fork and a spoon, secure the fish with the fork and gently spoon off the flesh. It should slide off the bones with ease.

Once skilled, you'll know where the fins and start of the gut cavity are and how to work around them. First time? Just spoon it off and watch out for bones as you eat.

Lift the fish flesh onto the veggies, put some of the roasted herbs over the top, a good grind of freshly milled black pepper and a fresh wedge of lemon. Toss a few seeds or nuts around - I had a tablespoon, or so, of pumpkin seeds just to put some crunch in there.