Aubergine Buttered Egg and Prawn Crispbread

Crispbread? Bread? I know ... I know ... it's not "paleo" but it is absolutely gluten-free, made simply from rice flour and a little bit of fun for a starter now that the summer is just about starting to warm up.

Once you've done the strict '30 Days of Paleo' (capitalised) and then achieved those initial goals, paleo (miniscule) becomes your lifestyle and much of the strictness relaxes. That does not mean you let standards slip; more that you are happy to eat a little off trail every now and again, but when you do, you still make sure it is good, wholesome food.

This is one such dish ...

Begin by skinning and slicing some aubergine (that's eggplant, if you're wondering what an aubergine is) and soften it in some butter in a skillet on low. You don't want to colour the aubergine, just soften it and get it to soak up some butter. How much butter? Enough. If the pan is dry, add a little more butter. If it's swimming, skim some butter off.

Boil an egg for each person eating and get some prawns defrosting.

Once the aubergine is soft, mash it with a little sea salt and some white pepper until it is a soft pulp. Set aside to cool. Peel the eggs and set aside to cool.

Build the plate ...

Place the cracker in the middle. Feel free to use pretty much anything you can pick up - this is finger food. It need not be a gluten-free cracker or crispbread, it could be a slice of marrow, swede, nut-based biscuit, whatever - it's your dish.

I considered the aubergine to be too wet to put straight onto the cracker, but actually it would have been fine. Next time, I'll do just that.

In this case, I laid some sliced egg onto the cracker, smothered it in the aubergine butter and placed some prawns on the top. Garnish with herbs, chives in this instance, and a pickle alongside to offset the buttery flavour of the aubergine.