Pollock & Prawn Crepes

Swedish? I like to think so ... this is something very similar to a dish I've eaten in Sweden, most likely crayfish tails, but any good fish and shellfish will do just fine.

First, you need to make some crepes ... there, that was easy enough.

The rest of the dish comes together quickly, so get the family assembled ...

Chop up some pollock, toss it a few times in a skillet with some coconut oil and add a chopped onion in. No garlic - garlic and cream is not brilliant.

Next, toss in some prawns - the smaller the better, in my opinion, so shrimp would work out well. We might have a language difficulty there because I gather folks in the US call the things we Brits call prawns, shrimp. We think of shrimp as very small, brown things, prawns as medium to large pink things.

Whatever language of manner of shellfish you have, bung it in! Scallops would do well here; crayfish, perfect.

Add some fish stock and boil it down to about half. How much? Well, enough to cover, but not overpower once reduced. We're going to add some cream, so it's not critical ... if the dish ends up way too salty, a good squeeze of lemon should just balance it, but do that at the end.

Okay, liquour reduced, add in some cream and reduce further.

Just before serving, chop a good handful of dill and scatter in. Give it a good squeeze of lemon, too.

Spoon out of the fish into the crepes, fold over and enjoy.