Fig Salad

Figs, a good source of potassium, manganese and iron, vitamins A, B and C and a decent pack of fibre.

Tasty, too! But, being sweet, figs are best paired with strong opposite flavours - tangy, salty, peppery.

I went with spinach, pickled beetroot, cucumber, boiled egg and completely forgot the salty, tangy, creamy Gorgonzola!

Take a couple of figs, lopping the remainder of the stalk off and drawing a cross into the top of the fruit. Squeeze around the base of the fruit and the cross will open up like an Alien face-hugger pod!

Set onto a plate with the remainder of the salad, not forgetting to drop a few pieces of salty, tangy, creamy cheese over. Doh! We didn't need it - the other flavours worked out perfectly.

Have fun ...