Traditional Swedish Meatballs

Swedes love their meatballs, or köttbullar, which has to be served with gravy, or gräddsås - a thick chicken stock and cream sauce.

For a fun twist, I like to make up a big bowl of meatballs and all manner of veggies with a dipping bowl of sauce in the middle: Fun with Swedish Meatballs

Today was about doing it more traditionally and serving with a seasonal treat: Jersey Royal Potatoes.

Jersey Royals are a cultivar of Kidney Potatoes and grown solely on the Isle of Jersey, and under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union covered by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). With a short season, between the end of April through to just into June, their unique flavour comes from Jersey's rich fertile earth and gentle climate. Get 'em while you can!

If potatoes are really not a part of your paleo diet, feel free to use cubes of pretty much any root: swede works well for me.

To the kök! That's kitchen, by the way ...

Begin with the meatballs, combining equal portions of beef mince and pork mince - a pound between two people is fine, for a good pile. Add some white pepper, sea salt and an egg yolk. Keep it simple ... that's it!

Squeeze the meat between your fists a few times and pick out small portions of meat, forming balls. Lightly fry with some dripping in a skillet just to colour up, then transfer to the oven set at 200C for maybe 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, scrape a few Jersey Royals - this will remove the dirt and the already peeling outer skin. Jersey Royals have a very delicate skin which is easy to remove. Get them boiling.

Shred some red cabbage and get it boiling with a little shredded pickled beetroot. You can add in a little red wine here for a strong colour and more tart flavour. Boil this right down to dry, keeping it boiling with the addition of more water when necessary, but it should finish fully dry with the cabbage soft.

Make up the gravy by heating up chicken stock and adding heavy cream. If you are completely off dairy, then just leave out the cream but do really thicken the gravy by reducing and add in some arrowroot at the end.

Ready to serve?

Drain the potatoes, add in a knob of butter and some chopped parsley or dill. Make a mound of potatoes on the plate.

Make a mound of meatballs, pouring over the cream sauce. Garnish with some dill sprigs.

Place a mound of red cabbage alongside.

Dig in and enjoy!