Black Pudding Burgers

Blood, fat and filler!

What a treat! It's not fully paleo, containing oatmeal and barley, but it is very good indeed and this is something I happily gorge on as part of my proverbial 20%.

I buy Bury Black Pudding, a northern English specialty and widely renowned as the best there is.

Sitting as a couple of slices on a plate with bacon, mushrooms and a fried egg makes for a perfectly good breakfast, but we can have more fun with the mushrooms.

Here's how ...

Begin by frying off the black pudding rounds in some good fat - dripping, lard, tallow or butter are all good.

Take a few portabella mushrooms and sit them open side up on a griddle, griddle pan or frying pan. Warm through until the juice collects in the cup - now, flip and press down hard with a fish slice or palette knife.

This will evaporate the liquid quickly and bring all the flavour back into the mushroom leaving a dry mushroom, eminently suitable for supplanting a burger bun. Why put things into a burger bun when the bun itself can be so full of flavour and positive nutrition?

Shred some lettuce and slice a tomato.

When ready, build the burger ...

One portabella mushroom open side up, some shredded lettuce, the black pudding slice, a little sauce, a slice of tomato and top with the other portabella mushroom.

"This is a tasty burger ..."