Cod & Ackees

Fusion ... my take on the classic Jamaican Saltfish & Ackees with a fragrant Oriental twist!

The rationale? PIRATES! You know ... of the Caribbean, especially part four was it where they went to China?

If you've not heard of ackees before it's a fruit, related to the lychee and produces a pear-shaped fruit. Green unripened fruit can lead to poisoning. When ripe, the fruit bursts open to reveal a bright orange/yellow flesh with the consistency of lightly scrambled egg.

First, get your "Yaaaarrr!" on ... which reminds me of a joke:

Why are Pirates called Pirates?
Because theyarrrrrh!

This is a stir-fry of onion, carrot, daikon and mushroom; the daikon and carrot cut into matchsticks and the mushrooms thinly sliced.

Prep the veg.

Make up a sauce from chilli sauce, some Worcestershire Sauce or coconut aminos, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, coriander ... basically, something sloppy, pungent and spicy. We'll be pouring this over later.

Get some filleted cod steaming to cook through. Cover with lemon slices and ginger to perfume the fish.

Ackees come canned, so open and drain a can.

Get your wok fired up and stir-fry the veggies in some coconut oil. At the last minute, pour the sauce in, drop the pieces of flaked fish in and the ackees. Gently fold together and serve out, garnished with fresh coriander leaves.