Sea Bass over Potatoes and Kale with Pea Puree, Scallops and a Fish Velouté

Day seven ... we made it!

Tonight, in the final day of seven days of fun with sea bass, we have ... sea bass (no, really?) over potatoes and kale with pea puree, scallops and a fish velouté.

Wow! That sounds exotic! That sounds complex!

Actually, it's just a simple meal ... made in, literally, seconds, with some prep, out of things I already had made, had available, had pre-cooked, had defrosted, had ready ...

Day Seven!

The savvy amongst you will be getting a sense of "get out there and do it for yourself" ... yes, it's really not that difficult ... if the last seven days have taught you anything, it's ...


It's not complicated. You do not need a degree in cooking, you do not need a pretty book full of pretty pictures showing you how accomplished Chefs make complex food look easy, you do not need a cupboard full of crap that you'll never use again.

You DO need to swing by your local supermarket and scoop up some fish (or meat) and some veggies. You don't need to be special, but you do need to be alive to boil, steam, sauté, fry or bake whatever real food you have in front of you and put it together.

That ... THAT ... is eating!

Have a sense of artistic? Make it look nice, appealing, sexy, whatever ... make it look like the food you salivate over, you enjoy, you'd eat, you'd pay for at a restaurant, you'd give to your friends.

Photograph it and put it on the internet ... attach some words and encourage other folks to enjoy the hell out of whatever it was that you enjoyed.

So, duty bound, how the heck do you do this dish?

Begin with a baked potato you baked a few days ago that has been sitting in the fridge since.

Take a couple of sea bass fillets that you filleted a few days ago and have been sitting in the freezer since.

Defrost some scallops that you cleaned up and prepped some days ago and popped back in the freezer because you had a glut of them.

Grab some surplus kale.

Take some freezer stock peas and some fresh mint.

Now, just put that lot together and have a damn good meal ... with a velouté made from fish stock and cream.

If you've not got it by now, I really can't help ...


The VERY savvy amongst you might well sense a sort of signing off.

Over and out ... enjoy your paleo/primal/ancestral life. I hope I inspired.