Bacon & Sweet Potato Rösti


Rösti is a Swiss potato dish and in its purest for is quite simply grated potato fried in a pan of butter and committed to the oven to cook through.

Rösti can be more broadly defined as a potato dish with the addition of cheese, bacon and onion, and in our case, even more broadly, made from courgette and carrot.

We're going to use sweet potato as the main part, boosted with bacon, flavoured further with daikon, onion and coloured with beetroot.

Grate the sweet potato, daikon and onion, then squeeze all the juice out. Squeeze several times until you are sure you've got all the juice out. Transfer to a large bowl.

Shred some bacon and fry it off. Add to the bowl.

Chop some herbs - chives are good here. Add to the bowl.

Finally, grate some pickled beetroot and carefully add to the bowl.

Salt, pepper ... some melted butter (around three or four tablespoons) and fold together.

Take a skillet (or two, if you're cooking for two), more butter, more than you'd use to fry, and then spoon in the shredded mixture pressing down with a spoon.

Don't worry about it binding - it will, in the pan.

Fry off on one side, flip over and fry the other side. Frying should be about 4-5 minutes each side, then transfer to a pre-heated over (say, 180C?350F?) for a further few minutes ... while you fry off some eggs.

Flip? It's pretty flimsy!

Here's how ...

Slide one out onto a board, holding the empty pan over the second one. Invert. Now, place the empty pan over the board and invert.

I also added some grated cheese once the skillets went into the oven.

Fry off a couple of eggs each and lay over the rösti.

It occurred to me that you could serve in the pan, but on a clean white plate is just as good.