Salmon & Root Vegetable Bake

After a damn good walk, some four hours out in the driving rain and wind, and a lot of fun had, it's time for some dinner.

Did someone say, "Carbs!"?

Christmas has been and gone ... congratulations to Joseph & Mary upon the birth of Our Lord, and all that.

We're left in that limbo period where we have enough booze, but the food stocks are running low and we really can't be bothered shopping even if the farm was open.

What now? Freezer stocks, leftovers and surplus purchases ...

We have some salmon and we have a lot of roots: potato, swede, parsnip and celeric.

Peel and shave those roots. I say shave, but I'm pretty nifty with a knife, so thin slices will do just fine.

Chop up an onion and some leek.

Now have some fun with a wide ovenproof dish ...

Layer of mixed roots, layer of onion, some white pepper, some dried herbs ... repeat, varying the herb and/or onion with leek. Just dress the top layer nicely.

Make up an amount of fish stock to cover and pour it in.

Pop it in the oven at 200C (400F) for about 45 minutes.

The top layer will start to darken and crispen, so after about 30 minutes, press it down and try to get it submerged a little into stock.

At 45 minutes, pop some salmon fillets on top and some butter over.

Another 15 minutes (so, an hour) and serve by lifting the fish off, spooning out the roots into a bowl, garnish with dill and place the fish alongside.


Hungry folks can wolf down the remaining stock as a chaser.