Swordfish and Dragonfruit Salsa

Dragonfruit is a curious fruit ...

Much like kiwi in texture, but less bitter and with a curious, almost salty undertaste. It is delicious on its own, but stands up well within other strong, punchy flavours, like red onion, ginger and chilli.

Perfect for a little salsa alongside some firm, meaty fish ...

First, marinate some red onion and cucumber in red wine vinegar and lime juice - this will take the sting out of the onions. Later on, drop in a shredded chilli and some ginger.

Cube up a dragonfruit and set aside in a bowl.

Halve a bok choy and set aside.

Griddle your fish, setting aside while the bok choy griddles - we want it warmed through, softened just a little but still full of crunch and juice.

Carefully lift out the onion and cucumber mix, leaving behind the vinegar juice, and drop into the bowl with the dragonfruit cubes. Add in some coriander leaves and combine, gently.

Plate up ...

Swordfish in the middle, bok choy alongside and a good handful of the salad on the other side.

Eat, enjoy and be fulfilled!