Pulled Pork

There's nothing like not doing something for a while to revive your interest ...

I do apologise if my sign-off last weekend was a little brusque. Re-reading it, I think I can get away with it sounding like the end of seven days of Sea Bass.

Yes, that's what I meant ... honest!

So, with no further ado ... and I'm not going to say, "I'M BACK!!!" ... because this place and you readers never actually left my heart, or my thoughts, so here goes ...

I'll back-date the post so we won't notice the hiatus.

Someone once said, "There's nothing like not doing something for a while to revive your interest ..." ...

I've not eaten pork for absolutely ages. Truth be told, I'm not that interested, other than bacon and belly pork, which some of you reading will be furrowing your brows and wondering how else pork can be presented.

I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but I found myself with a shoulder of pork in the freezer.

Totally out of ideas, my first thought was for a sort of Cochinita Pibil, which sort of happened, but it sort of got fused along the way.

Anyway ... pulled pork:

Take good joint of pork, shoulder is excellent.

Place it on a board and then rub all sorts of things into it: ground coriander, ground cumin, mustard powder, garlic powder, that sort of thing ... oregano, too, salt and pepper, naturally.

Place it on a sheet of tin foil and then drizzle over some honey, some white wine vinegar (a good splash, but not soaked), lemon juice and some chilli powder.

Wrap it up well and pop it into the oven at 125C (260F) for several hours, the more the better ... 5-6 does it fine.

Unwrap the pork and place the shoulder on a board ... and go at it with a couple of forks to pull the flesh from the bones and tear the pieces up into strands.

Now, how to eat it?

Lettuce leaves as a wrap and condiment. Gorge on the meat, just the meat and nothing more.

Salad? You've got a lettuce leaf! What more do you want? Salsa? That sounds kinda fiddly ... we've got pork to eat!