Easy B&M

Bangers & Mash. Classic British comfort dish, simple and unfussy; a warming plate of sausages over mashed potato with a simple gravy.

Yesterday, I cooked up a brisket of beef, simply immersed in beef stock, onions, garlic, black pepper and bay leaf.

Today, that's the gravy. Leftovers.


Banegrs - Sausages, for which I used Debbie & Andrew's 97% Harrogate Pork Sausages. Wheat, gluten and dairy-free.

Mash - Potato, for which I used a sweet potato.

Gravy - Yesterday's leftover gravy infused with sliced mushrooms.

Seasoning - Sea salt and black pepper.

Fats - Butter and goose fat.

Bangers & Mash

Set your oven to 180C(350F?).

Pop the sausages on an ovenproof plate with a little goose fat and into the oven - these will take about 30-40 minutes. Turn every 10 minutes, or so.

For two, take a decent sized sweet potato, cut in half and place on an ovenproof plate flesh side down, spike the skins all over with a fork and smear some goose fat over the skins. Into the oven - again, these will take 30-40 minutes. Convenient, eh?


Make up your own, pour out a pre-made or use up some leftovers ... your call. Either way, drop some sliced mushrooms in for a really full flavour and more interest on the plate.


Retrieve the sweet potato from the oven and plate up, removing the skins if you want to ... you don't have to. Sweet potato cooks out to a soft flesh, so no need to mash away like white potatoes. Just push a couple of pieces of butter into the flesh and you're done. That's the mash.

Retrieve the sausages, placing three or four each over the mash. Sorted. That's the bangers!

Spoon the gravy over, grind a little freshly milled black pepper over and perhaps a little sea salt, mushrooms spooned over the cop as the crown.

Awesome, easy, almost effortless Monday dinner.