Tenebrio Molitor Noodles

Tenebrio Molito Noodles
"No way! You dirty git!" ... or words to that effect when a consignment of mealworms arrived in the post this morning.

"Don't you dare! DON'T YOU DARE!" ... as I chased her around the house, mealworms in hand.

These are boiled and dehydrated mealworms. High in protein, fat and little else. Protein. Fat. Simple as ...

No need to be squeamish. It's not like they're wriggling.

Having eaten these, I have to say, I'd be quite happy with live mealworms ... as is ... or flash fried.

These, I simply added as a topping/garnish to some Singapore rice noodles warmed through in goose fat with some chillies on top.

Very nice, indeed!

Again? Definitely.


Mealworms are the pre-pupae of Tenebrio Molito, a species of darkling beetle. Mealworms are perfectly good for human consumption, although typically you'll find them in pet shops as food for reptiles, fish and birds.

They're protein. Protein and fat ...

From: Mealworm Care
Live Mealworm Nutritional Values
Protein: 20%
Fat: 13%
Fiber: 2%
Water: 62% 
Dried Mealworm Nutritional Values 
Protein: 53%
Fat: 28%
Fiber: 6%
Water: 5%
Boiled and dehydrated, as you'll find in pet shops, they just want a quick flash fry to warm through and kill off any potential nasties. Beyond that, dropped into the human stomach, not much is going to survive that good vat of acid.

To that end, I reckon live mealworms should be my next target. Fishing bait, here I come ...