Cod, Cabbage & Peas

Cod, Cabbage & Peas
Something simple for a Monday evening ...

We both enjoyed an intermittent fast through the day, having last eaten on Sunday evening, and so a low-carbohydrate dinner was in order. Simply, protein and fat.


Cod, cabbage, peas, asparagus, chicken stock, goose fat and coriander.


I expect the first raised eyebrow and furrowed brow will be over the peas. Yes, peas are legumes, but I would encourage you to read Mark Sissons' article on green beans and peas: Are Peas and Green Beans Healthy?

So, to work ...


Roast the cod in the oven at 200C (400F?) for about 20 minutes.


Meanwhile melt some fat in a heavy-based skillet. I used goose fat. Use your favourite paleo fat. Melt some fat and saute the cabbage for a couple of minutes.

Pour over some chicken stock, sufficient to cover and reduce until it is fully evaporated and the flavours imbued into the cabbage. This, conveniently, takes about 20 minutes too.

Maybe five minutes from the end, toss in the peas and asparagus.

If the stock evaporates too quickly, just add a little more until all the veggies are cooked through to how you like them.


Serve out: cabbage down first, cod on top and garnish with herbs; coriander, for me, well chopped. Black pepper and sea salt to taste.