Lamb Kidney & Beetroot Salad

Lamb Kidney & Beetroot Salad
Full title: Lamb Kidney Over Spicy Beetroot Salad with Crispy Courgette Fritters and a Sumac Hinted Greek Yoghurt Dip.

Let's break that down ...

Courgette Fritters

First, the Courgette Fritters - these were a spur of the moment thing when I realised that I only had two small beetroots and the meal might be a little meagre. Given they're not a main part of the meal, they're optional - you can follow the link and have fun for yourself.

So, the main components of the meal are Lamb Kidneys, Beetroot Salad and a Sumac Hinted Greek Yoghurt Dip.

Greek Yoghurt Dip

You need: Greek yoghurt, lemon and sumac.

Most can be made up front, so the Greek Yoghurt Dip is simply Greek yoghurt with a good splash of lemon juice, then spooned into little dishes to sit at the side of the plate and sumac sprinkled over.

Sumac. Sub-tropical and temperate shrubs which grow predominantly across Africa and North America producing a reddish spice with a curious zesty flavour used in Middle Eastern cuisine, primarily.

Beetroot Salad

You need: Beetroot (one large per person), red wine vinegar, chilli, black pepper, sea salt and mint.

The Beetroot Salad is simply a case of peeling and grating beetroot, then adding flavours. One large beetroot each is good. Mine were kind of medium, hence the extra bite alongside with the Courgette Fritters, but one large per person is good.

Once grated, splash a little red wine vinegar over. Black pepper, finely chopped chilli and a little sea salt just lifts the flavours and permits the natural sweetness to really shine through.

Let that marinate for maybe ten minutes and fold a generous amount of chopped mint through. Spoon out onto your waiting plates.

Lamb's Kidney

You need: Lamb kidney (as necessary), butter and optionally, Sherry and cream. Wooden skewers.

Clean up the kidneys, removing the membrane around then and the fatty core. The fatty core is fine when slow-cooked, but fried off, it's best to remove it.

Cut in half so as to be manageable for skewering once cooked.

Melt the butter and fry off the kidneys. Through the cooking, they will release liquid. I tend to think they're done once the liquid has evaporated.

Skewer and lay on the beetroot salad. Serve and eat.

Optionally ...

Optionally, you can de-glaze the pan with Sherry and stir in some thick cream for an instant sauce to pour over. I didn't, but you can.

Naturally, you've spotted that this is skewered offals and more naturally suited to a barbecue or grill. If you want to do that, go ahead. Pre-soak the skewers in water so they don't burn, thread the prepared kidneys onto the skewers, perhaps interleaved with onion or pepper slices, and grill 'em.

Whichever way you do this, have fun ... they're offally good!