Japanese Beef & Bamboo

Japanese Beef & Bamboo
I love LIDL!

We've one just over the road from work, which I like to stroll around on a lunchtime every now and again ... and come away with all manner of random.

Last visit, I bagged a jar of bamboo shoots.


Keeping it really simple, I decided upon a clean, spicy dish of Beef & Bamboo for which I used: minced beef (500g for two people), jar of bamboo shoots, green beans, spinach, ginger, garlic, chilli, black pepper, fish sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and coconut oil.


Some folks are fine with their minced beef cooked for as little as quarter of an hour. Personally, I like it well cooked through, nice and slow. Browned off in a lidded pan with some coconut oil, given a damn good splash of Worcestershire Sauce and maybe a pint of water, lid on, heat lowered and left to slowly cook through for about and hour, maybe longer.


The jar was simply bamboo shoots in water. Nothing else added. I still drained and washed it through and added to the beef.

The beef is now cooked but still has a little liquid in there ...

Green & Spice

Green beans added, along with garlic, ginger, chilli, black pepper and fish sauce.

Stir through and continue to reduce with the lid off.

Once the liquid was almost reduced, I added in spinach. How much really is up to you. I used what we had, which was maybe half a bag - a bag being (I don't know ...) 260g? I really don't do weights and measures.

Spinach wilted, stirred through and liquid completely reduced, we're ready to eat.

On its own it's fine! I served a little white rice alongside for me and a few salad potatoes for my Mrs.