Conceptualising: Presentation of Pig

I'm going to go off on a tangent here to bring in a new idea ...

I love cooking. The process and the presentation really floats my boat. Beyond that, or rather before that, it's the planning and conceptualising of the dish; and so, this is the first of what I hope will be a number of posts conceptualising ... well, fantasy dishes.

Think of it as a category for Ancestral "Foodies". Is now the right time to coin the term Neo-Paleo?

So, over on MDA forums, a fellow primal, asked about what she could do with leftover pork stock boiled down from bones.

There were some good suggestions, but I was in a really creative mood and went from a reasonable suggestion to plain silly ... and in that silliness came one really sound idea; an idea I certainly want to try out some day.

My idea went along the lines of ...
Make a jelly? 
Ham stock set with gelatine. 
If you can set it in long blocks, it will cut into cubes nicely which can be pushed in here and there into whatever dish you have. Bonus bone broth boosted with gelatine.
... and continued in my usual style ...
It's quite cheffy, too, if you fancy making an attractive looking dish, say, a presentation of pig ...
... resulting in a concept:
... a plate of pulled pork, pressed belly, bacon, perhaps chorizo, piece of bone with marrow, cracking skin, maybe an ear, quenelles of chilled lard granita and cubes of stock jelly. 
... a few mushrooms on, maybe truffle, braised fennel and pea shoot garnish.
... and so, my concept: Presentation of Pig. Thoughts?