Beetroot & Feta Salad

Beetroot & Feta Salad

Lunch, I like something light and tasty. Salads work out great! Lots of lettuce, pockets of interest, protein, fat and a boiled egg on top. Cheese, be it cottage cheese, hard cheese, feta, whatever is a great salad ingredient and when sourced well, perfectly primal.

Feta, a crumbly, aged, brined curd sheep cheese from Greece, enjoys PDO status. Only feta from Greece made exclusively from sheep milk, or up to 30% goat milk, can bear the label Greek Feta. Get the real deal!


Lettuce, rocket and spinach. Cucumber, tomato and green beans.

Beetroot, feta, anchovies, olives and egg. Black pepper, sea salt, chilli powder and mustard. Dill.


Lettuce forms the base. I used cos, shredded; rocket and spinach, again, shredded, boost the flavours over which diced tomato, cucumber and green beans are scattered.

Peel and cube a beetroot, scattering over along with cubes of feta.

Garnish with anchovies, olives and a smear of mustard. English mustard is good here, coated on the back of a spoon and tapped over the salad.

Black pepper and sea salt. Dill sprigs.

Boiled egg on top, dusted with chilli powder.