Parcel Baked Salmon & Blackberries

Parcel Baked Salmon & Blackberries
Blackberry season is coming to its end ... and so, a dish to celebrate that season.

I've been enjoying blackberries straight from the bramble when out walking. Truth be told, I gorged on them on occasion and had to slink back home for a light dinner.

I've also been enjoying them in jelly, but turning to a savoury dish, blackberries seem to work really well with salmon.


Salmon, fennel, shallots, leek, asparagus, carrot, potato, sea salt, black pepper and butter.

Beetroot and blackberries alongside.

Dill, mustard and butter for a sauce.

Spinach and rocket for garnish.



Beetroots need about 40 minutes at 200C (400F?) so get your oven on, peel and chop the beetroots down into wedges.

In an ovenproof dish, just melt a little of your favourite paleo fat and tip the beetroot wedges in.

Into the oven ... 40 minutes.



Our parcels will need about 20 minutes, which gives us time to put them together now the beetroots are roasting.

Par-boil any root veggies for about 10 minutes. I went with some salad potatoes, halved, and carrots chopped into good chunks.

Onto a good square of baking paper, make a base of shredded leek, shallots and fennel.

Asparagus, then, as a raft and the salmon fillets on top, crowned with a good slab of butter.

Arrange the par-boiled veggies alongside, give it a good grind of black pepper, a good sprinkle of sea salt, pour the sauce over [read on] and commit to the oven for 20 minutes, half way through the cooking time for the beetroots.


Simply, done combine cream with mustard and dill.

I didn't have any cream, so my parcels went in without sauce and I made up a butter mustard sauce to go over once served.

Chopped dill, lots, lemon juice, good squeeze, melted butter and an egg yolks.

Whisk together. That's your sauce.

So, two ideas ...


Just before the food is ready, melt some butter in a skillet and wilt your spinach and rocket. Naturally, any greens will do - dock, dandelion, radish, whatever you have to hand.


Once cooked, just open up the parcels and dump into a bowl. You can leave it on the paper, or tip it off.

Give a portion of the beetroots alongside, some blackberries and pour the sauce over the fish, garnishing with the greens.

Until next year, blackberries ...