Haddock in a Mushroom Cream Sauce

Haddock in a Mushroom Cream Sauce
Haddock is a fantastic fish!

Like practically all fish, it's a great anti-inflammatory source of protein. Alas, it's light in fat ... so does like to be accompanied with good fat.

Haddock seems to work perfectly with creamy sauces or sloppy mashed potatoes, full of butter and cream. Haddock also partners very nicely with mushroom.


Haddock, mushrooms, cream, butter, white pepper and sea salt.

Veggies to make the dish: salad potatoes, savoy cabbage, leek, carrot and goose fat. Boiled egg alongside.


On a greased ovenproof plate, lay out the haddock, sprinkle a little sea salt over and place a decent dot of butter on each fillet.

Cover with kitchen foil and commit to the oven set to 180C (350F?) for 30 minutes. It will cook through in its own juices and the melted butter.

Mushroom Cream Sauce

In a skillet, sauté sliced mushrooms in butter. Once the butter has been absorbed by the mushrooms and they've cooked through a little, pour over some cream. We'll be adding the juices from the fish plate later, so don't go overboard on the cream. Perhaps 50ml per person and a couple of mushrooms each.

Sprinkle some white pepper over and drop the heat to its lowest, perhaps even off to allow the mushrooms to colour through in the cream while the fish cooks.

If the sauce reduces too much, just add a little water to wet it up again.


Boil an egg each.

Peel and set aside. Eggs alongside is just perfect for this dish. Perfect for any dish, really. Eggs rule!


Savoy cabbage and salad potatoes.

Maybe 10 minutes after putting the fish in the oven get your potatoes boiling and cabbage steaming.

In another skillet, shredded leeks and matchstick carrots can gently soften in goose fat, or your favourite paleo fat.

Just before everything is ready, tip the steamed cabbage into the skillet with the leeks and carrots, and toss through with more of your favourite paleo fat.

Drain the potatoes. Wet up with butter and herbs.


Retrieve the fish from the oven and carefully remove the kitchen foil. Careful! Steam burns!

Pour the juices into the mushrooms and cream sauce, raising the heat to a boil and reduce while you plate up.

Cabbage down first, fish on top, potatoes alongside, egg, halved the other side.

Sauce reduced, pour over and garnish with herbs. Parsley.

Eat and enjoy! My, oh my ... what a meal!