Poached Salmon, Spinach, Beetroot & Swede Remoulade

Spring is about simplicity ... simplicity and vibrant colours.

I have some lovely salmon in and just wanted a quick, hassle-free dinner, easily prepared, and full of  colour and flavour.

Let's take a quick look at what we'll be eating ...

Salmon fillet, pickled beetroot, spinach, swede, mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice.

Now, how to put this together ...

In a pan of boiled water, place the salmon fillets in and lower the heat to a very gentle simmer. If you like, you can add bouillon in here or a little sea salt. At the end, keep the liquour as a base for a soup.

With the salmon on, peel some swede and grate it. How much? Enough. If there's too much, great! Something to base a packed up office lunch around.

To the swede, add some mayonnaise, mustard, black pepper and lemon juice. Stir together. That's a remoulade. You can make up your own mayonnaise or use your favourite store bought mayo. Do check the ingredients, though.

Some chives or dill would be nice in the remoulade. I intended to use dill, but completely forgot.

Back to it, and soften some spinach in a frying pan with some butter. Once softened, switch off - we don't want mush.

We're probably about 10 minutes in here, so the salmon is most likely cooked through.

Retrieve the salmon from the poaching liquor to drain. Remember, keep that liquor - it will make a good soup.

Spoon out some of the remoulade onto a plate, placing some spinach alongside and some chopped pickled beetroot over and lay the fish over the top. I added a spoon of goat yoghurt and a good sprinkling of Icelandic ash salt. Garnish as you wish.

If you took the opportunity to poach a couple of extra salmon fillets, let them cook and enjoy them for lunch the following day with the left over swede remoulade and a fresh green salad. More pickled beetroot, naturally.