Mushroom & Wild Garlic Soup

Mushroom & Wild Garlic Soup
I'm really enjoying to the full the spread of wild garlic that our valley has produced, shredded over salads, adding green to sauces and that lovely bite to all manner of soups.

Paired with mushroom, we have something close to heaven.

Wild garlic has a flavour of really leaky leaks. Take the flavour of the green part with the bite of the white part and the subtle sweetness of chive and amplify it ... several times ... you're somewhere close to wild garlic.

I've made this soup a couple of times, the first including the trimmings of some potatoes which were cut specifically for the main course and again (pictured) without.

The recipe is the same, through ...

You'll need butter, mushrooms, black pepper, chicken stock, onion and wild garlic, and optionally potato.

For two, I used about a centimetre off the end of a stick of goat butter since mushrooms can really soak it up. Soften a small onion, chopped and then add in several mushrooms. I used the chestnut variety and put in probably eight or ten, sliced. Allow the mushrooms to soften.

Grind a good amount of black pepper over and pour in a pint of chicken stock. Add any potatoes at this point, chopped into small cubes - an amount the size of a couple of salad potatoes is plenty.

Simmer until all the ingredients are really soft.

Shred up six or eight wild garlic leaves and toss into the soup.

Blend up, ensuring all the ingredients are mashed up, but not overly puréed. Some texture is nice.

If only I knew my wild mushrooms, this could be really superb.