Pan-fried Sea Bass on Griddled Watermelon

Pan-fried Sea Bass on Griddled Watermelon
Fish & Fruit!

Here's a lot of fun ...

Fish does seem to work well with fruit. I'm not sure why, but it does.

Tonight, we're playing with some watermelon and some sea bass. I'll try to write this up as I made it, but it was a simple case of freestylin' ...

I knew I wanted some squash. Squash and fish. So, fish gutted, scaled, filleted and ready to pan fry, squash peeled, sliced into nice inch thick sections and committed to the oven set to 180C for about half an hour, just basting in goose fat.

Even after preparing a couple of plates with spinach, rocket and watercress, olive oil, olives, balsamic vinegar, Tabasco and some Icelandic ash salt it is going to be a meagre dish.

Pak Choi. I have one. Halve it, griddle it and pop that in the middle. It's still a bit meagre.

The griddle pan is out, hot and ready to cook through anything dropped on it.

Watermelon? Will it griddle? Only one way to find out ...

So, take a good inch thick slice through a watermelon, peel and take a couple of good steaks each ... and pop them on the griddle pan.

I griddled these for about 5 minutes each side, so plenty of time for the squash to cook through and you to prep the plates with some nice green salad leaves and flavour. The fish needs no more than a couple of minutes on the skin, flipped and it will cook through in the heat of the pan.

Looks like we're ready ...

Let's just re-cap. Squash in then oven in some fat, prep your plates with a salad and flavours, griddle the watermelon and pak choi ... and fry off your fish, skin side first in a skillet.

Put the plate together, placing the watermelon steaks over the salad, fish on top garnished with lime and herbs; dill, here; squash pushed in where you can.

The mix of sweet from the watermelon and squash is intriguing. Two kinds of sweet to work so well with the fish, soured by lime and dill, complimented by the salad and enhanced with the flavours therein: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Tabasco and Icelandic ash salt.

Sea Bass & Watermelon ... who'da thunk it?

Cheesecake for dessert ... just the cheese ... no cake!

Our new kitten approved:

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