(Mostly) Raw Primal Lunch

Raw Primal Lunch
For work, I usually have a simple salad: lettuce, some pockets of interest, something fatty and some protein. No carb coma in the afternoon for me.

But what if ... for whatever reason you omit to make up a lunch the night before and lack the time in the morning to sort it out?

Easy? Take a raw lunch!

That's the great thing about primal eating. You can put a meal together with real food so quickly.

Raid the fridge ...

Here's smoked mackerel (protein), cottage cheese (more protein, good fat and sufficient carb), boiled eggs (all manner of awesome ... I always keep a few pre-boiled eggs in the fridge), avocado (more awesome ... and great fats), tenderstem broccoli (something green), tomato, radish and chilli (just because ... everyone likes whole chillies, right?).