Power Breakfast! [Seafood Edition]

Power Breakfast! [Seafood Edition]
I tend not to breakfast during the week, but this week I'm on leave and following on from Sunday's Power Breakfast, I really fancied something to eat this morning.

More Power Breakfasting ...

Seafood, this time: cockles and shrimp, avocado and boiled eggs over spinach. Probiotic goat yoghurt alongside.

Shrimp in the UK is a different species to what is called shrimp in the US - we call those prawns. Our shrimp are much smaller, almost maggot-like, really dense in flavour and goodness. Cockles are a bivalve mollusc, protein-rich and strong in iron.

Boil a couple of eggs.

Wilt some spinach in your favourite paleo fat - goose fat, for me. Spread out on a plate.

Slice up an avocado and lay onto the spinach, boiled eggs halved alongside.

Cover with cockles and shrimp ... or whatever seafood you have available.

Garnish with dill, which works so well with seafood, and sprinkle over some chilli powder.

I served a helping of probiotic goat yoghurt alongside.