Curried Seafood Rice

Unashamedly, a Perfect Health Diet dish, quick to prepare when you're feeling a little peckish late at night ... and if there's leftovers, can be bulked out for breakfast.

Curried rice is simply a case of boiling some rice and then frying off with some spices.

Get some rice boiling, drain and allow to steam off for a few minutes.

Seafood, I had some swordfish which I skinned and cut into bite sized pieces, and some squids which need nothing more than the insides pulling out and a thorough cleaning under running cold water.

In a frying pan, cook off the seafood in some fat. My fat of preference is goose fat.

Now, in goes more fat, the spice blend and the rice.

My spice blend is coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli powder, asafoetida and fenugreek. Quantities are not particularly important; "enough" is the right approach.

Add in any veggies at this point, allowing the heat to just cook through but retain a good crunch. I'm hazy on the detail, but I tossed in some tenderstem broccoli, red pepper, green pepper, all chopped into small pieces, and some frozen peas ... at a guess.

Wolf down, leaving leftovers for breakfast (pictured) which can easily be bulked out ... in my case with some chopped lamb's liver fried off and then the rice added into the pan with yet more goose fat, served with a boiled egg. Everything is better with an egg.